Airport Etiquette Matters

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Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure there are a few things that everyone needs to know about airport etiquette, and the unspoken rules of the terminal. Airports are busy places with lots of people, most of whom are in a hurry to either leave or catch a plane. Many people, whether they know it or not, are committing a variety of airport etiquette crimes that generally affect the experience of those around them. There are many things to consider when travelling by plane, such as hiring a Boston limousine service or packing your carry on, making it easy to lose sight of those around you.

Stand Right, Walk Left

As a result of their large size, most airports feature a number of moving walkways and escalators to help efficiently move passengers from one place to another. While the walkways themselves are moving the majority of people walk along with them as well. Standing on the moving walkways or escalators is fine, as not everyone is as capable as everyone else, but blocking the entire width of the walkway or escalator with your luggage is inconsiderate. While airports are generally nice and clean places, people utilize the walkways and escalators to speed up their movement as they don’t want to waste any valuable time away from their families or business engagements. The general rule is to stand to the right and move on the left, and if you have a bunch of luggage keep it to the right as well. If you have too much luggage to handle on your own most airports have a concierge service that can help you transport your luggage via golf carts.

Share The Electrical Outlets

If you think you’re the only person at the airport that has a dying phone or tablet and needs to use an electrical outlet to charge it, you’re very wrong. Everyone these days, especially business travellers, has multiple electronic devices and when on the road are constantly in need of charging. If you do find an outlet, generally there are a few in waiting areas, don’t plug in everything you have all at once. Respect your fellow passengers and leave an outlet open for someone else to use. Just because someone isn’t using it when you plug in doesn’t mean they won’t need to in the next few minutes, and if they see someone using it they may not feel comfortable asking for a device to be unplugged so they can share the power. Generally, sharing outlets comes down to being courteous.

Boarding Your Flight

There’s a reason the flight crew calls for certain sections of a plane to board before others. It makes the whole boarding process go smoothly and quickly, reduces the amount of time passengers have to stand in line, and doesn’t clog up the cabin with passengers blocking the aisles. Essentially, wait until your section is called to board, if you’re in the waiting area the plane will not leave without you.

Balance Your Luggage

When packing your luggage it’s typically lying flat and open, but when you’re transporting it you roll it around on it’s wheels. Ensuring you put the heavier items on the end with wheels will keep it from falling over and hitting someone while you’re navigating the terminal. It’s good practise to stand your luggage up on it’s own before you leave your house or condo in order to see if it’s balanced properly. The last thing you want is for your top heavy bag to fall over and hit another passenger.

Move Quickly Through Security

Once you’ve been scanned, patted down, and you’re waiting for your bin full of belongings to come through the x-ray machine there are no further steps to take with security except take your things and move on. Taking your time and slowly getting your things at the end of the security line is the main reason for long slow moving security lines. When passengers grab their stuff and quickly move out of the way the next passengers can be quickly ushered through. Once again, it’s a small courtesy to your fellow passengers.

Airport Pickup & Drop Off

If you’ve arrived at the airport to pick someone up and they’re not ready then keep circling until they emerge from the terminal, or wait in a mobile phone lot (some airports have these) until they call you. With your car standing in a pickup/dropoff area you’re preventing others from accessing the area to pickup passengers that are ready to leave. An even better choice is to book a car service like Boston Suburban Coach to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. The convenience and professionalism of a Boston Limousine Service is a nice reward after a long flight. They are also allowed to wait in the taxi pickup areas for you, which reduces the number of commuters waiting for passengers. A luxury car service also allows you to unwind on the drive home or back to the office.

Generally, being courteous to other airport commuters and passengers is the best way to make the airport a happier and easier place to be for everyone. Whether you’re charging your phone or waiting for your Boston Suburban Coach, think about those around you and how your movements and habits at the airport impact them. Remember not everyone may be as experienced in air travel as you, so patience goes a long way.

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