Better Business Travel: Long Flights

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As an experienced business traveller you’ve likely had nice short flights that felt like cab rides, and upon arrival you nailed your presentation or pitch because you were so well rested and prepared. If you’ve ever been on a longer flight you know there’s a big difference when the plane lands after crossing an ocean or continent. You’re fatigued, stressed, and slightly irritated, but you’ve still got work to do. An experienced flyer will take certain measures before boarding a long flight such as reserving a favorite seat location and ensuring a good meal, but it’s essential to take further steps in order to arrive able to head into a meeting.

Comfortable Clothing

Ensuring you’re able to relax in loose-fitting clothing is important to your comfort and digestion during your flight. The alternating air/cabin pressure negatively affects some people’s digestive systems and tight fitting clothing only compounds that affect. Whether you wear track pants or some loose fitting jeans on your flight and change into a suit or business attire when you arrive or just before landing, you’ll definitely increase your comfort and lower your stress level. Comfortable clothing can have a very positive impact for the duration of a long flight.

Everything In Moderation

Grabbing a steak dinner just before takeoff probably isn’t the best idea. It will slow down your metabolism and drain you of energy you need to make it through the flight. It’s best to eat lightly before boarding and then once you’re in the air take everything in moderation. For longer flights you probably have a nap or two planned and sleeping on a full stomach can lead to a lot of discomfort due to the increased acid in your stomach. As both eating and sleeping slow down your metabolism it’s a good idea to eat lesser amounts more often during a flight to subdue your hunger rather than eating larger amounts fewer times.

While you’re airborne it’s important to remember that cabin air is very dry and low in humidity so staying hydrated should always be top of mind. Allowing your body to reach the point of dehydration is never advisable, but reaching that point on a flight can be uncomfortable and dangerous. Dehydration can result in headaches, dizziness, fainting, confusion, and weakness. Prior to flying ensure you’re properly hydrated and consume a normal amount of water during your flight. It’s also important to note that drinking tea, coffee, and alcohol will decrease your body’s hydration, although a glass of wine is also a source of relaxation for some. Overall, moderation is the key to maintaining proper body function during a flight.

In Flight Exercise

If you haven’t heard of deep vein thrombosis it’s a medical condition that occurs when a blood clot forms in one of the deeper veins in your body, typically in the legs. Sometimes this occurs along with pain and swelling in your legs, but it can also be symptom-free. Typically it results from long periods of sitting or inactivity. The real danger isn’t the discomfort, pain, or swelling, but the release of blood clots that form during inactive periods that then travel through your body and lodge in your lungs. Luckily, avoiding deep vein thrombosis is easier than you might think. During long flights, or even short flights it’s advisable to move around from time to time, and even utilize some extra movements you can perform in your seat that won’t directly impact the people around you.

Keep Busy

Whether you have a stack of magazines you want to catch up on, a new book, or a something work-related on your laptop keeping busy is the best way to make a long flight feel shorter. It’s fairly rare for an established airline to not have any inflight entertainment. Some entertainment packages even operate directly through your phone or tablet, and catching up on movies or tv shows is a great time-killer.

Book A Boston Logan Car Service For Arrival

Whether you’re heading to or returning from an important business trip, booking a car service like Boston Suburban Coach to pick you up at the airport and take you to your destination will make your trip that much better. After a long flight the last thing you want to think about is navigating through a foreign city to a business meeting, or driving all the way home from the airport. With a reliable coach car service you can arrive and depart the airport without having the worries of driving, parking, and getting lost along the way. Driving while tired is also dangerous, so decrease the risk of an accident and increase your level of comfort with a reserved car service.

Overall travelling for business has its positives and negatives, and minimizing the impact those negatives have on your trip is essential to your enjoyment and health. From eating appropriately to booking a Boston Logan car service make your next business trip an enjoyable one.

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