Luxury Limo Service: Boston to Cape Cod

limo service boston to cape cod

Cape Cod is known as one of the most beautiful destinations in the United States. A peninsula that extends out into the Atlantic ocean off the state of Massachusetts, Cape Cod stretches from Provincetown in the north to Woods Hole in the south.

While on vacation in Cape Cod you’ll encounter small fishing villages that are brimming with character, some of the nicest beaches on the east coast, and of course the typical tourists traps.

Getting To Cape Cod

Whether you’re flying into Boston Logan International Airport or you live in the greater Boston area, the best way to get to Cape Cod from Boston is to use a car service like Boston Suburban Coach. A limo service from Boston to Cape Cod is the most relaxing way to see the countryside and take in everything a trip down the coast has to offer. Depending on where you’re going in Cape Cod a luxury limo service can get you there in around 2 hours.

3 Fun Things To Do In Cape Cod

  1. The Cape Cod Rail Trail: If you’re into scenery and exercise then the Cape Cod Rail Trail is for you. Though it is probably walkable, the Cape Cod Rail Trail is a cyclists dream. It spans 22 miles along the coast, through forest, adjacent to cranberry bogs, and along sandy ponds. It’s called the Rail Trail because it was formerly used as a railroad line for trains crossing New England. While biking the Rail Trail you’ll also pass through villages where you can do some shopping or grab something to eat.
  2. The Beachcomber: Whether you’re a surfer, a family of five, or just a couple on their honeymoon The Beachcomber is a unique part of the Cape Cod landscape that’s not to be missed. This restaurant/nightclub/concert venue is one of the coolest places on the east coast. Whether you want to drop in for lunch, see a band, or dance the night away, this former lifeguard station can accommodate your needs.
  3. Dune Tours: For something a little more exciting take a dune tour. With a vast landscape of dunes to explore you’ll be escorted through endless miles of sand, beach grass, dark pine trees, and red beach plum trees. While traversing the dunes all of your worries will be swept away with the sand as the numerous landmarks and historical sites will take your thoughts into the history of Cape Cod.

Whether you’re seeking adventure or looking to relax, a trip to Cape Cod has it all, and the best way to get there is with a direct limo service from Boston to Cape Cod. A professional driver from a company like Boston Suburban Coach can be as conversational or as quiet as you want, and can give you their take on the beautiful Massachusetts coastal area.

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