Boston Logan Airport: A City Within A City

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The Boston Logan International Airport is the largest transportation hub in New England, and generates over $7 billion worth of economic stimulation each year. It resides on 1,700 square feet of land in Boston and has an independent fire department, a police department, a power plant, a chapel, and two hotels, all accented by 27 acres of landscaping. Needless to say Boston Logan International Airport is essentially a city within a city, and one of the busiest parts of the greater Boston area.

More than 40 airlines fly out of Logan airport and move tens of millions of people each year, both domestically and internationally, through 94 gates located in 4 passenger terminals. These incredibly busy airport terminals each have their own ticketing, baggage claim, parking, and transportation facilities which creates to lots of arriving and departing traffic.

Getting There: Boston Logan Limo Service

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure the best way to start your trip off and get to and from the city within a city is with a Boston Logan limo service like Boston Suburban Coach. Companies like Boston Suburban Coach offer the best way to get to and from the airport in Boston. Reserving transportation with Boston Suburban Coach to Boston Logan Airport provides you with:

  • a relaxing and stress-free ride.
  • drop off service to eliminate the need for parking and paying parking fees.
  • on time pick up and drop off service.
  • the ability to work while you’re on the way to and from the airport.
  • an experienced Boston driver who can avoid traffic jams and construction delays.

Start Your Vacation At Your Front Door

We’ve all considered making the call to a friend or relative to ask them to drop us off at the airport at 6:00am because we’re going on vacation. Don’t inconvenience your friends and family members, use a Boston Logan limo service . It’ll not only keep you from making that awkward phone call, but you’ll feel like your vacation is starting the moment you walk out of your house with a luxurious ride to the airport from a company like Boston Suburban Coach. Let the driver grab your bags while you sit back and enjoy the ride, free of the stresses that come with driving in traffic, navigating through the city, and finding a good parking spot.

Once you arrive at Boston Logan International Airport for your vacation or business trip you can start discovering the benefits of waiting for your flight at the city within a city. You’ll be able to browse the many shops and dine at the many restaurants. You can also just kick back and relax with your laptop or MP3 player while your plane docks and prepares to take you and your luggage off into the sky.

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